Case Study #1

Zoning can effect the plans for your home or… really I have to build the new home crooked?

Zoning ordinances can not only effect where you place your home or home addition, they can directly effect the size and shape. This existing home in Warren, NJ was built in two phases by the original owner. Unfortunately the first addition was built on an angle to the original home. When the new homeowners wanted to enlarge their home to accommodate their growing family, the first step was to review the zoning ordinance. The application was filed with the intent to “straighten out” the new home. The zoning official was bound by the ordinance and would not allow it. What to do? Together with the Owner, Architectural Impact designed the new home in compliance with the ordinance, in keeping with the farmhouse style the owner wanted, and including all of the features and spaces their growing family needed. In a last minute reprieve, the front porch that was previously denied by the zoning official was allowed upon further review. This design element pulled the home together, further camouflaging the angled halves of the home.